I’ve had a great run working on the Mingle team for the past few years, but, as they say, all good things must come to an end. I’m looking at other opportunities both within the company and elsewhere. And because of this, I’ve had a bunch of discussions lately about the kind of place I’m looking for. As I troll the job listings, I’ve developed a rough scale of what domain the companies are in and therefore how much my personal values align with their missions.

Which brings me to:

Bill's Organizational Scale of Social Impact (B.O.S.S.I.)

The core activities and products of the company...

  • (+3) explicitly improve the world for the less powerful elements of global society (Samasource, Codestarters)
  • (+2) explicitly improve the world for everyday first world people, perhaps by enabling the sharing or green economy (CityCarShare)
  • (+1) improve the world, perhaps as a byproduct of their primary goal (GoodreadsVeganCuts, HipCamp)
  • (0) don’t improve the world, but would broadly be seen as worthwhile. Perhaps the product is a tool that can be used for doing good, but not necessarily so. (Mingle, many companies in the U.S.)
  • (-1) don’t harm anyone directly, but probably the money and brain power expended, both by the employees and customers, would be best spent on something else. (far too many startups in S.F.)
  • (-2) encourage behaviors that may be anti-social, misogynist, excessively consumerist, exploitative, and so forth (the entertainment/pornography industries, casinos)
  • (-3) explicitly harm society and/or individuals directly and should really not exist. (the for-profit health system in the U.S., energy companies, defense contractors, &c)

In this simplistic scale, I have intentionally not addressed large companies, e.g. Sheinhardt Wig Company, that likely have elements of each in their various divisions.

What about you? Where does your company fit? What matters to you about what your company does?